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Logo Printing on Flash Drive


We at USB Drive strive to supply quality thumb drives for all our customers. Our thumb drives are of full capacity and will be long lasting and passed quality checks. As such, we can give a 1 year warranty to our pen drives with 1-to-1 exchange if any problem arises due to chipset/NAND flash problems. We only use branded NAND Flash memory chips such as Samsung, Intel, Hynix, Toshiba, Micron, etc.


A gift is not complete without a nice packaging and that includes your thumb drives as well. Our packaging types includes our standard silver gift box, rectangle metal tin box with windows, small metal tin box, round metal box, PP plastic box, leather pouch, and standard black paper/cardboard gift box. If you have a good budget and need something extraordinary for your USB Stick, you can consider a completely custom-made box with full colour (picture) printing on it. This requires a minimum order of 500pcs. For more packaging pictures, please click here .

Data Loading

Sometimes, you would require certain information or files to be stored in the flash drive you order. At a fee, we can provide that service of loading the data for you. Just provide us a copy of the files required through email or give us a CD of the files required and we will be able to load the data for you. We can also help you set an icon of your corporate logo to replace the default icon on the pen drive.


While many of our clients are located across the US and Europe, we also regularly serve clients from many locations around the world including: Germany, Ireland, Australia, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Panama, Puerto Rico, and others. Contact us to find out if we are able to serve you in your area.

LOGO Branding

There are many different type of branding options available to permanently affix your corporate logo onto your USB flash drive. Typically, flash drives that are used as promotional gifts or customer's appreciation will include their logo on them as it provides brand visibility to your company. Among the most popular methods for thumb drive logo branding includes silkscreen printing, laser engraving, oxidation, embossing, wood engraving or even offset printing. Different methods are used for different to multiple surface materials and is further explained below.

  • Laser Engraving
  • Silkscreen Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Embossing